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Maruti approves SVS as the preferred vendor for supply of Wind Driven Turbo Ventilators to all service workshops in India.

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Clean, fresh air. You’d think it would be something we all have the right to expect in our work places / factory sheds / warehouses / homes and yet so often this isn’t the case. Inadequate ventilation can lead to the build up of heat, moisture, pollution and even potentially harmful chemicals in the air that we breathe inside our buildings every day.

Engineered long life design as precision bearings have enhanced protection against dust, fumes, smoke, etc.
This feature is extremely useful in foundry & castingindustry.
All aluminium construction. Only virgin Hindalco aluminium used.
Higher thickness of material used.
Wind driven turbo ventilators are always rotating as they start rotating at even low wind speeds of 1 kph.
Guaranteed no leakage installation as installation teams are SVS owned.
Guaranteed vertical installation of air extractors on roof sheet by incorporating unique variable angle elbow / variable angle elbow / varipitch.
Hurricane turbine ventilators are made in technical collaboration with Edmonds, Australia with unique vertical vane design.
Hurricane rooftop ventilators are certified for resistance to rain water leakage and wind loads as per AS2428.1 / AS2050.
Pan India Installation with presence currently in 23 states of India.
Regular exporter to many countries
Experience of large installations of roof extractors.
Largest Range of sizes ( 100mm to 900mm ) and designs (Vertical Vane Ventilator, Spherical Vane Ventilator, Motorised Roof Extractors)
SunInside tubular guided daylighting systems are made in technical partnership with 3M
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